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Marije van der Park was part of designers duo Meester & Van der Park that she formed together with Jo Meesters. Perhaps you remember last year’s post about their gorgeous designs. Now these Dutch designers have gone solo. Jo will concentrate more on product design. And Marije will work on social projects where design is used to bring people together. I will post about one of Marije’s projects tomorrow but today I would like to show you more of the wonderful designs that Marije created together with Jo.

The designs above are part of a project called Handmade. For years Red cross | Eindhoven Region has elderly groups that produce handwork commodities which is weekly supervised by volunteers. Nowadays the product range includes socks and old fashioned articles. To give the collection a younger and dynamic appeal Red Cross | Eindhoven Region asked Meesters & Van der Park to design a new product range that can be easily produced by elderly women.

Garlic vase Allium Sativum (right) is made in casted porcelain which is a pre-study of botanical ceramics based on the idea of flowerbulbs being natural containers. Botanical Ceramics (left) was born from a research project based on the possibilities of combining traditional crafts with technological and industrial production methods. The series of pots are manufactured using rapid prototyping technology based on the idea of flowerbulbs being natural containers.

Please visit Meesters & Van der Park’s website to see all the designs created by Marije and Jo. Click here to visit Marije’s website and here to go to Jo’s website.

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