the graduation galleries – dutch design week 2007

My favorite exhibition during the Dutch Design Week is the Graduation Galleries. Here graduates from the acclaimed Design Academy show their graduation work to the public. The talent of these young designed and the creativity and originality of their work amazes me every year! Below you can see some of the designs spotted at this year’s exhibition.

‘Reflectie – Projectie’ by Karin van der Zande: The chrome steel facets on these vases create a surprising wall decoration when incident rays of lights project the flowers in the vase on the wall; a subtle moment of beauty.

‘Todo cae por su propio peso (all things fall by their own weight)’ by Liora Rosin: Inspired by this Spanish proverb, Liora designed three saltshakers. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the delicate grayish-green porcelain entice the user to play with shape, salt and gravity.

‘Buitenbeentjes’ by Anna ter Haar: These chairs made of polyurethane casting resin represent movement congealed in material. They may look fluid but in fact, they’re strong enough to sit on.

‘Compact Life’ by Alexander Tranter: All our daily activities fit neatly in Compact Life. The drawers and compartments of this birch wood cabinet are in fact chairs, tables , cushions, a chaisse longue, and even an worktop.

‘Regentegel’ by Saline Toonen: The relief on these concrete tiles makes rainwater flow to lower parts in patterns like arrows, stars and flowers. Different combinations create different patterns. You can cross the square safely by treading on the highest parts, as the they stay dry.

‘InterVases’ by Channa Ernstsen: Due to their shape, size and the flexible rubber material they’re made of, the interVases need to lean against one another. Take one away, and the others will have different shapes.

In the coming days I will show you more work of graduated designers, as well as other images and news from the Dutch Design Week.

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