japanese design shop

There is not much I can tell you about this Japanese design shop. I do not remember how I found it and I can not understand the language but I do know that the images are gorgeous and that they have a beautiful collection.

Click here to go to their website where you can see more of their collection.

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  1. M+H Unit is fantastic isn’t it? I love their products and they have some great designers. They also have a great minimalistic philosophy, which goes something like this:

    1?”I don’t need it” whould always an option. Materiallistic desires should only be addressed based only on lifestyle needs

    2?The user should always come first. The design should never encompass the user.

    ??The inner beauty of a product that comes from holding it and interacting with it is always more important than visual beauty.

    4?Create gentle space that heals the body and soul.

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