made by eight exhibition at dutch design week

A great exhibition that I visited yesterday at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven yesterday, was the one by Made by Eight. Made by Eight are eight graduated designers from the Utrecht School of Arts: Robert Jan Snoeks, Liane Gaemers, Nienke Hansen, Shanna Deurloo, Stina Feldt, Marlous de Roode, Wendy Klaver en Anne ten Donkelaar. For the exhibition they have fitted out a house behind the door with the name What’s Behind?. The designer have used their own speciality to express their vision on a home in a collective show, placing each product in a particular context. Above and below you can find some of the designs they have used to decorate the exhibition house. The designs in the top row images are by Marlous de Roode. Her specialty is the design and production of fashion accessories as leather bags and jewelry.

Robert Jan Snoeks is the designer of the objects in the top row images. His aim is to design objects that have an emotional value for people. The beautiful woolen poofs and cushion are from Wendy Klaver’s 300 serie. Nienke Hansen has designed the object in the third row images. Nienke’s source of inspiration are the colours, shapes and processes of nature.

Visit the Made by Eight website for more information and designs by these talented, young designers.

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