white vacuum cleaner by pia wallen

At Hem 2007 in Stockholm I saw this white vacuum cleaner. Being a ‘white lover’ I had to find out more about it. The white edition of the Ultra Silencer vacuum cleaner is designed by Swedish designer Pia Wallen for Electrolux.

Electrolux invited Wallén to produce her own interpretation of the Ultra Silencer, one of the world’s quietest vacuum cleaners. The result is startling in its simplicity. Pia found inspiration in the extraordinary quietness of the cleaner. It reminded her of the most beautiful sound she knows – the sound of falling snow. The result is a vacuum cleaner that is as easy on the eyes as it is the ears. Totally white, the design is boldly unconventional and as fresh as a layer of Scandinavian snow. But in Pia Wallén’s work, there is always a touch of humour. Flashes of bright orange on some of the machine’s functions echo the colour of guide poles that are used to mark pathways through the Swedish winter landscape.

Visit Pia’s website to see more of her work. On the website of Electrolux you can find out more about the Ultra Silencer.

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