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  • Hi,

    I love Squint too. I am slowly renovating parts of my house using some shabby chique blended with more expenses items. I like quirky things, and don’t care if they are old or new. They just have to bring joy to my heart when I look at them. Have you checked out Sera Loftus in London? I love the boudoirs she creates. And she will quite happily put a bath in a bedroom – my idea of heaven.
    You should also go to Sarastro’s restaurant in London – it is quite a place. All the tables on the first floor are made of theatre boxes and the decor changes and evolves all the time because people leave things there. Darcey Bussell left her signed ballet shoes hanging on the bannister and someone else strung their pearls from the chandelier. All the tables are covered in velvets and tiger stripes and they play lots of opera. The owner is a wonderful host. If you come to London go for coffee or book a table for dinner (you have to book…..it’s popular!). Maybe we will see each
    other there! Ingrid.

  • Thanks for you comment and your wonderful suggestions. I will sure check these out the next time that I am in London!

  • These look as fresh and new as when you featured them…a sure sign that this is no fad

    I am going to be trying my hand at it as have patchworked with upholstery fabric for years…this is a natural progression

    thanks for showing these…its good to have an idea of squints past work

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