Another great design from Dutch design label HUH is this ‘Not a Lamp’ light. In stead of a lamp in a box, this box is a lamp (do you get it?). You push out the pre-cut shape and the wire, fitting and lamp are in the box. And voila, you have a lamp!

Also from HUH are these jewellery made from old cookie jars and high quality silver. This way ‘junk’ is transformed to a beautiful piece of jewellery. Check out HUH’s website for more information and to see their other designs.

3 Responses to huh

  1. I don’t know about the lamp. A little too tricky for me. But I adore the jewelry. Gotta have some pieces now!

    Hope you’re having fun in Stockholm.

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I just came back from Stockholm and had a great time!

  3. I love the lamp – very clever indeed! I wonder how much light you’d get from that?

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