heat sensitive wallpaper

This wallpaper, designed by Shuyan, is sensitive to heat. The flowers of the pattern will be blooming when the radiator is on. How very clever!

Part of the same project is this calendar. The ink on the calendar will fade when it gets darker. The day disapears and so doe the ink. Visit Shuyan’s website for more information.

5 Responses to heat sensitive wallpaper

  1. Oh my goodness! That wallpaper!

  2. This is sorta cool! My kids would love it!

  3. That is so cool and such a great idea!

  4. It’s just amazing, so cool! I often wonder how the designers constantly gets new ideas and how they work their ideas to become reality!

  5. simply amazing! thanks for posting it. I really feel the urge to own one of those.. 😉

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