Summer is gone, autumn has arrived! It is raining here with strong winds, and the trees begin to loose their leaves. That’s why today’s post is about various designs involving trees. Above the well-known Wooden USB sticks from Dutch designers Guido Ooms and Karin van Lieshout. These are available from online design shops BijzonderMOOI and POAA.

This curtain is designed by Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy. The philosophy behind this design: A house roots underground in a worldwide network of pipes and cables. Everything we communicate through those roots is converted into a language which is the same all over the world: ASCII (American Standard code for Information Interchange). This computer language was invented in times we could not send our pictures by pixels. It was the first form of communication between people and computer. A language as universal as longing to your old window view. You can take pieces of furniture with you to your new house, but the growing tree in front of your window unfortunately not. These curtains visualise a tree which has his roots in the same ground as the house.

These cute lights I found through sia grafica. The Norwegian Forest Lights are designed by Cathrine Kullberg. This Norwegian designer set up Cathrine Kullberg Lighting in 2006, launching her first lamp Norwegian Forest, this spring.

Rug Woody Wood , designed by Yvette Laduk., is available in tree sizes. The design is clever interpretation of a timber cross-section.

This screen printed canvas Log bag is ideal for carrying fire wood, books and sandwiches. It is available from Luke Best’s shop.

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