picnic bag and rug in one

Although the picnic season is over (at least here in The Netherlands) I would like to show you this ‘2in1 picnic bag/rug’. Is the idea of carrying so many bags withholding you to have a picnic in the countryside or on the beach more often? This 2in1 bag and rug means that once you have reached your destination simply empty the bag and unfold it to become a rug. This design makes eating outdoors comfortable and less stressfull. It doubles up as a bag for the rest of day when your walking around and don’t want to be carrying a bag as well as a rug.

The RugBag is designed by Demelza Hill. The work of this British designer looks at how the user interacts with a product and she enjoys challenging peoples perceptions of everyday objects and materials. Her products use a vast range of materials and techniques that are eye catching and unique. Visit Demelza’s website for more info and to see all her designs.

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