colorful cabinet by finn juhl

There will be no posting this weekend as I am away but I do want to show you this beautiful cabinet designed by Finn Juhl. I love the colors!

I’ll be back on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

6 Responses to colorful cabinet by finn juhl

  1. Woooow! I love it!!! Where can you buy one?

  2. Love this cabinet. Why is it so hard to actually find items posted here?

  3. this is so rad! where did you find this?

  4. this is a magnificient work of art it brings tears to my eyes to observe such beauty!


    its awesome! (Y)


  5. Hi, love to know where you found this one and if there aer reproductions available?

  6. Hi Vimal, unfortunately the cabinet is not mine. Finn Juhl made it for himself and there are no copies or reproductions (as far as I know).

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