greenspot tile

Greenspot tiles put a little green in your concrete pavement. These surprisingly simple stones can be combined with regular pavement tiles. They offer an easy way to combine grass and concrete zones in various proportions. The ingenious position of the hole allows for both regular and ‘natural’ irregular patterns. ‘Breaking’ the concrete area also allows rainwater to trickle into the soil. Greenspot is designed by Anke Bernotat, Sebastian Kraus and Sandra Turina for Baest, a young UK based design company.

Another fun creation from Baest is Rahmen, a storage space for your fresh herbs in the kitchen or your flowers and plants in the living room. This ‘herbal shelf’ is a living picture that brings colour into your life while at the same time providing fresh and accessible herbs for daily food preparation. Available in four types of wood.

All products can be ordered from the Baest website. Click here to see all their other beautiful and fun designs.

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