ace hotel in portland and seattle

The Ace Hotels offer handsome accommodations which combine modern lines with an eclectic sensibility, re-interpreting the classic flavor and affordability of European-style lodging. There is an ‘Ace’ in Seattle (USA) and one in Portland (USA).

My favourite is the one in Portland, it is beautifully decorated! Click here to visit the Ace Hotels website where you can see more of their gorgeous rooms.

4 Responses to ace hotel in portland and seattle

  1. this hotel! r-o-c-k in the u-s-a! finally a place that isnt over-done, over-priced or over-rated!

  2. that place looks amazing. I really want to visit Portland and places like this make me want to go even more!

  3. this really cool hotel! i wish can stay a nite.
    the most impressed is japanese high fashion number (n)ine use their blanket as a door gift for f/w08 fashion show in paris.

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