design studio reddish from israel

Today I would you like to show you design from Israel! Reddish is a design studio founded in 2002 by Industrial designers Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman. Both are graduates with distinction from the Holon Academic Institute of Technology, Israel. Reddish studio focuses on keeping its designs clear and intriguing, and spends most of the time helping objects feel better about themselves. The studio works with clients, giving them design services from new concepts to final product planning, and in the same time initiates projects – for exhibitions and worldwide distribution.

The cuckoo clock is an offspring of a traditional cuckoo clock and a digital wrist watch. Prima Ballerina is a one-legged table. While the traditional wooden turned leg is made by subtracting material, the prima ballerina’s leg is made by adding material, coiling thread around a pole. This surprising combination produces graceful structures, with soft textured curves. With this technique, endless number of leg versions is possible, made in different shapes and of different threads and colors.

x-bread (top row images) is a cross stitched bread stand. This is an offspring of a bread stand and a small tablecloth. The delicate embroidered wood enables the anonymous bread board to leave the kitchen and become a respected center piece.

Yakuza (2nd row) is a table that has been digitally tattooed. In its design, the table is treated as a living body, receiving its character from a unique tattoo printed on its surface. The wood texture acts as skin, becoming a platform for expressing a strong cultural and personal identity. The digital printing technology enables to easily treat each table individually, making them unique – just like people.

With x-table (3rd row) the genes of two products, a table and a map, have been mixed together into a new combination of materials, shapes and traditions. The table is handcrafted with care, the hard wood is softened by the touch of embroidery.

These are just some of Reddish’s beautiful designs. You can visit their website to see their entire collection.

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