beautiful holders for disposable cups

I earlier wrote about the very interesting exhibition Helsinki Hotel, where designers from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland, show their perception of a hotel. Contemporary living, hotel environment and Finnish culture through space, objects and events is explored by this talented group of young designers.

One of them is Niina Aalto, an “ambitious and hard-working daydreamer who considers herself to be somewhere between a designer and an artist”. Niina designed Everyday Sunday, a set of beautiful cupholders for plastic cups. Niina about the philosophy behind her design: “Using disposable cups is common in hotels. Extending their function to a more specified and dignified level is my comment for a more playful way of living. Everyday Sunday is a plastic cup holder, which customizes a plastic cup for different situations by creating an illusion of authenticity”.

Click here to see all the other designs that are part of the Helsinki Hotel exhibition.

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