polka from austria

Today I would like to show you the designs of Austrian label POLKA. POLKA was founded in 2004 by Monica Singer and Marie Rahm. This Vienna based design duo regards everyday life phenomena as their project’s fuel. Their aim is to discover the beauty in the banal, the extraordinary out of the ordinary. POLKA:”We show shifting points of view, we like to surprise and carry on the ease of life forward on the way to create ‘product pleasures’. I love their theory that things don’t have to match, that to clash with confidence is cool!

Light Dossey is a new, playful generation of lampshade, familiar and yet pleasantly surprising. POLKA took the iconic shape of a classic lampshade, re-assebled it and turned it partly upside-down. The wild mix of patterns creates a life of its own: evolving, changing, adapting to or contrasting with its surroundings. Doosey is produced, by innermost UK, on a limited edition basis whereby once a fabric is exhausted it is replaced by another pattern. On average about 2-300 lamps are made before a fabric is replaced.

For the Hungarian Porcelain Manufactory Herend, POLKA created a basic Porcelain Short Set in four pieces with different patterns. The pieces can be combined and used in many ways, for celebrating the daily life. Visit POLKA’S website for more information and to see their entire, gorgeous collection.

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