scandinavian summerhouse

While it’s officially still summer I want to show you this summerhouse by architect Tommie Wilhelmsen. His website is in Norwegian. And as I don’t speak Norwegian, I can’t tell you much about the house except for that it is gorgeous (but you can see that for yourself).

To the Norwegian architect basic elements like wind, terrain, sun, rain, landscape and climate is the basis for all design. Tommie: “Each house is designed only for one spot on the planet. The projects are developed not as only practical planing, but also as visual research. The playful, naive optimistic and useless has just as big value in the design process as the logical and practical. Essential is the belief that a good house can change your life. Good architecture is a place that its never easy to leave”. Visit his website to see all the other gorgeous houses that he designed.

(via Treehugger)

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