furniture from recycled plastic by haldane martin

Haldane Martin is a contemporary furniture desiger from South Africa. I love his ZuluMama chair which is made from recycled plastic. The seats are hand woven by rural woman – traditionally the most marginalised sector of the population in South Africa. They use an indigenous Zulu basket weaving technique, which have been adapted to work with the recycled plastic.

The image above is from the Little Kulala Lodge in Namibia where the ZuluMama chair is used for the interiors.

Furniture collection Riempie was inspired by early Cape Dutch furniture. The lines and proportions have been simplified for a more contemporary look. The traditional leather thongs have been replaced with more durable, colourful, recycled plastic. The timeless Malaysian hand caning pattern, has been scaled up to amplify its beauty. Visit Haldane’s website for more information and to see his entire collection. It is worth the visit!

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  • Really very nice. Thanks for sharing amazing collection of furniture pieces specially the chair made from recycled plastic. This provides the contemporary ideas for design and also increases the scope for furniture maker. Keep sharing.