nipa doshi and jonathan levien

British designer Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien have designed a collection for Italian brand Moroso. The collection Charpoy and Chaupar was presented a the last International Milan Furniture Fair and have already won their own cult following. The idea behind the Charpoy and Chaupar range is to present two different and complementary approaches through Doshi and Levien’s work; Levien represents Europe and Doshi’s work is strongly influenced by her Indian roots.

The duo works with the concept of “the unity of opposites” by combining handmade, one-of-a-kind work with industrially manufactured elements, and they have a special interest in the design of non-Western cultures. Perfectly in keeping with Moroso’s belief that cultural diversity is an enormous asset, Nipa Doshi says: “Globalisation and internationalisation are seen as the destruction of local cultures and environmental resources. We like to see globalisation as a way of bringing together diversity and breaking down standardisation”.

The collection is split into three products ranges: ‘Charpoy’ (meaning four legs) is a reworking of the Indian daybed of the same name, a Corian side table and a range of cushions made from silk and linen. ‘Charpoy’ comprises a mattress made from cotton and silk, with a traditional India board game hand-embroidered onto it, in stark contrast to the high gloss black lacquered wooden frame, from Italy. The Indian women who worked on the project have stitched their names in Hindi onto the final pieces. The side table is adorned with an Indian miniature painting, portraying a scene from the Indian epic, ‘Mahabharata’. The cushions are named ‘Tools of Inspiration’ and are the product of a collaboration between Nipa and a workshop of craftswomen in Ahmedabad, founded in 1986 by Nipa’s aunt. Adorned with patchwork, appliqué and traditional embroidery, the women have reproduced their own working tools on the cushions, together with simple, everyday objects around the home, like Chai-making apparatus and a collection of stationery (resource: Wallpaper magazine).

I love the clever balance between traditional and modern, craft and chic, hand and factory-made! If you would like to see this gorgeous collection for yourself: it is now on display at the new single-brand Moroso shop in New York. The products will go on sale at Moroso later this year.

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  • These are great! It’s lovely to see such layered messages and references in these daybeds. I know I would feel positively…rich! sitting on one.