city daytrips for parents & kids

Discovering foreign countries, making new friends, tasting exotic dishes. According to Bugaboo, this doesn’t have to end after becoming a parent. The Dutch manufacturer of the famous pushchairs has created fun day trips that you can do together with your kids.

Discovering a city together with a child can be an inspiring experience. Strolling trough Berlin or New York with a Bugaboo Daytrip you will discover new aspects of the city: a funny elevator or a hidden gem of a shop. You can download the day trips (available for various cities world-wide) from the Bugaboo website (go to section Explore). The artwork that accompanies each day trip is gorgeous!

4 Responses to city daytrips for parents & kids

  1. Oh I love this. Makes me less scared to have children, as this is the constant worry I have: Will my life end? ha ha.


  2. These daytrips are so great I had to link them to my new travel blog. Thanks for the great lead!

  3. I have that same worry Holly!

    Thanks Anne, I love your new blog!

  4. So we’ll stick to cats, okay!? ๐Ÿ™‚

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