the vedema resort, santorini

One of the most beautiful Greek Islands is Santorini. Santorini is essentially what has been left from an enormous volcanic explosion which destroyed the earliest settlements thereon and led to the creation of the current geological caldera. I stayed on the island a few years ago and I can tell you that the natural beauty of the island is stunning!

One of the island’s beautiful hotels is The Vedema. This gorgeous resort is surrounded by a wall like a fortified town and offers self contained apartments and villas. All the buildings are designed around a beautiful 15th century winery. There are 45 spacious villas in pastel-hued town houses domed with distinctive cupolas with marble bathrooms, local furnishings, and terraces. All were renovated by well known Greek decorator Aggelos Aggelopoulos. I think he did an excellent job. I love the fresh combination of white with bright turquoise!

Although Aggelos has used some bright colours, the interior decoration is respecting the history of the house. A collection of antique furniture reminds the guests of the long history of the building and enhances the uniqueness of the hotel. For more information you can visit the website of The Vedema Resort.

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  1. Beautiful! I love those colours. I can’t believe how fresh all that soft pink looks. You’d imagine so much pink would be overbearing, but it’s balanced very nicely.

  2. This is gorgeous!

  3. Those are *amazing* pictures, thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you for sharing this, what gorgeousness!

  5. Wow, it reminds me of a Brbie house! I’m Greek and i asure you Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. So, having this house in this place is a heaven…

  6. Great pictures, not sure I could live everyday with the colors though, although they could grow on me.

  7. Oh man, now I want to go paint my apartment pink! That is great!

  8. Beautiful colors

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