wanted: interior magazines from denmark and sweden

I love Swedish and Danish home& interior magazines. Unfortunately they are not available here in The Netherlands. Is there someone living in Denmark and/or Sweden that would like to do a magazine swap? I can send you some great Dutch magazines! Please send me an email (danielle@style-files.com) or leave a comment if you’re interested!

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  1. You know what, I can bring you some Swedish and Danish mags when I come to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks! Just tell me which ones you’d like, and we can meet up for a coffee!

  2. Thanks for the offer Emma. Looking forward to meeting you while you’re in Amsterdam!

  3. Lieve Danielle,

    I have a small request: could u please send me few main dutch deco magazines (names of them)? I am about to send to them my offert ( check ma website – I bet u would love it :)) just to interest dutch people in our polish stickers and wall papers world :):)

    dank je well


    ann gnacy

  4. Hi – did you find a more permanent solution to this question? I also love Swedish interiors magazines and have just taken out a subscription to Elle Interior – there are many other options online. Keen to know,


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