invisible shelving system for books

I love this invisible shelving system as it is an unique alternative to a regular bookshelf! Sticklebook creates the illusion of a line of books hanging unsupported on the wall. An alternative to a regular bookshelf, it comprises an aluminium bracket and combed strip that grips the cover and pages of paperback books.

I have to agree with contemporary design guru Ron Arad, who has praised Sticklebook by saying “it’s new and it’s original”. The size of a single shelf is 50cm/19.5inch which hold approximately thirteen paperback books. Of course you can install as many sticklebooks as you like in a row to make the length of shelving as long as you want or in many rows for an invisible multi-level book shelf. Sticklebook is available from online design shop POAA for the affordable price of €30.

2 Responses to invisible shelving system for books

  1. that is one cool shelving system!
    thanks for posting.

  2. ur concept is mind blowing….
    bt may i knw hw hv u designed invisible bookshelve..

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