my balcony: styled with ikea

As I love gardening, but don’t have a garden, I can spend hours on my balcony tending the flowers and rearranging pots and plants. Most of the pots and furniture come from IKEA. I love rocking chair GULLHOLMEN (top image) which is made from banana fiber (€59.00/$59.99).

Stool ALSEDA (€29.95/$29.95) is also made from banana leaves. I have several of them in my house! The silver tray and tea pot are bought on a trip to Marrakech, Morocco, several years ago. As you can see, I am ready for summer. The only thing that is still missing is the sun! (We have had lots of rain in this part of the world and not a lot of sunshine).

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  • Looks great Danielle. I love pot plants. The tea set looks great on the ottoman. And if it was bright and dry enough to take those snaps you’re doing better than we are here in Ireland…

  • Thanks for all your kind comments!

    The pics were taken on one of those rare, bright moments. I hope the weather will clear up in Ireland as well!

  • I love this IKEA PS GULLHOLMEN BANNANA leaf chair, I bought 2 for my house ,patio next to my pool , to smoke my cigars in comfort….awesome