industreal design collections

Italian collective Industreal has just launched its first retail collection! Their e-shop carries a gorgeous collection of products from various designers. Most items are now on sale, so hurry to the Industreal shop! They ship world-wide by the way. You can find some of my favourites in the images above and below. Above: Lampe 72dpi by Guillaume Delvigne (148,75 €), porcelain bowl Uni by Giordano Redaelli (33,60 €).

Porcelain teapot Huellas set 2 by María Elena Martínez Fayó & Tomàs Ortiz Ferrer (65,60 €), oak tray Servagon by Christopher Coombes (153,00 €), vases made of a single glass container and its family of porcelain accessories Chapeaux pour vase by Guillaume Delvigne (48,80 €)

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  • They have some really beautiful stuff. They had some cute little accessories a while ago but things seem to sell out really quickly on their site and I missed the boat! So snap those deals up pronto, I guess!

  • If this isn’t the same teapot you referenced in a May post (IKEA…ceramic teapot is a steal! VÄRME, designed by Anna Haupt costs only €6,95 / $9,99. Can you believe it?!) then I don’t know what is.
    p.s. i love your blog