three legged shell chair by hans wegner

Danish modernist designer Hans Wegner has created some beautiful furniture. One of my favourites is this tree-legged Shell chair. The simple design is just gorgeous!

The chair was originally introduced in 1963. After producing a few limited editions, the production stopped. Luckily the chair was relaunched in 1997. In spite of its three-legged base the chair stands well on the floor and doesn’t easily topple over. More information can be found on the website of the manufacturer, Carl Hansen. In the US the chair is available from Room & Board.

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  • “In spite of its three-legged base the chair stands well on the floor and doesn’t easily topple over.”
    You should have written because. Three points define a plane. So anything three-legged stands and balances perfectly. It is always the fourth leg that creates problems.

  • theoretically that is true. however, a three-legged chair such as jacobsen ant chair is known to be easily toppled over when the person sitting on it is not careful.

  • liuba, the toppling of the ant chair may be attributed to the fact that its base occupies a very small area compared to the space the seated person occupies. I’d have to test that though!

  • Stratos, i agree with you. the height of the base might also add to the unsturdiness. but that is why most chairs are four-legged : )

  • I’ve wanted this chair for several years, but the price scares me away whenever I come close to purchasing it. I’m happy to see that you like it to – I think we will be dangerous shopping companions this Fall. 🙂

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