gnomes: kitsch or design?

What do you think? Are these furniture gnomes designed by Philippe Starck kitsch or design? It is not my kind of style but I have to admit that after seeing the world roaming gnome in the movie Amelie, a new appreciation for gnomes has developed. The gnomes are available from made in design.

6 Responses to gnomes: kitsch or design?

  1. I think gnomes are always kitsch, though I loved the Amelie gnomes, too. I can’t believe these are by Philippe Starck!

  2. I love those! 🙂

  3. These are an item in the latest House and Garden “In vs. Out” page. I will let you discover which on your own!

  4. I’m not going to lie, I love anything gnome. They can’t help but make one smile, and they’re so Amelie…

  5. At first I thought these were horrid, but they grew on me. I’d buy one – on sale.

  6. They are definately kitsch, it doesn´t mattdr that philippe Starck is the designer behind them. Nope, not for me! 🙂

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