log truck

Isn’t this log truck a gorgeous piece of toy? The logs on this truck, which is made by Frank Ridley, were cut from the ash trees behind the artisan’s barn workshop. The truck itself is made of untreated Maine pine, maple, and ash, and hand sanded to a satin smooth natural finish. It is available for $42 from Greenjeans, a shop, website, and blog owned and operated Amy Shaw and Jae Kim, and based in Brooklyn, New York.

It is worth browsing their website by the way as Greenjeans is the next generation American craft gallery providing valuable alternatives to the mass-produced, corporate-driven wares that dominate the marketplace today. All works at Greenjeans, from pottery and furniture to toys and jewelry, are created with integrity and distinction by richly talented independent artisans from around the United States, as well as one each from Canada, Japan, and the UK. Currently, Greenjeans works with over 50 artisans, most of whom are represented exclusively by Greenjeans in New York City.

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