on the edge pots

As it is summer (although I start to doubt as we have had so much rain the last couple of weeks and no sunshine at all) I will be posting about outdoor related design today.

Michael Hilgers is the designer of these On The Edge Pots. The pots, designed to straddle the railing of a balcony, are made from water-resistant polyethylene and can rest on any railing with a maximum thickness of 60mm. Two separate compartments offer multiple planting options. The On The Edge Pot is ideally suited for urban dwellers with limited outdoor space, but can easily be used in the workspace or restaurants to liven up a patio. Available in various colours from Design Within Reach for $85.

3 Responses to on the edge pots

  1. There would be a problem with the drainage hole on the outside, as well as people not being careful enough when watering the plants, showering passers-by or the people on the balcony underneath with water!

  2. Stratos raises a good point about the drainage hole; I love the design otherwise though.

  3. I have visited your site 364-times

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