a beach house in south africa

Summer seems far away in this part of Europe. It has been raining for weeks and temperatures are below normal. To get some summer feeling I’d like to show you this gorgeous beach house. The house is located in Yzerfontein, South Africa. I love the stunning views of the ocean and the view! The colours and materials chosen for the interior complement the beautiful exterior perfectly. Wishing I was there…

(images from Shootfactory)

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  • I’m afraid summer’s pretty far away here in South Africa too. We’ve had snow all over the place, lately, and Cape Town is really chilly!

    It’s a lovely house though – lucky people who live there!

  • Hi Daan! Nice house! Getting instant inspiration for my own house: light, airy, no fuzzy things 😉

  • Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen… Maybe in a future house!