orla kiely interiors

Through Homebug I found out about these Orla Kiely ‘design packages’. British company Luxe Interior offer these packages to individuals, developers, investors and hoteliers in Dubai.

I am not too fond of the idea of standardising interiors with design packages. It leaves little room for individuality and creativity and every interior will look very similar. But as I know that there are a lot of Orla fans out there, I wanted to share share these images anyway.

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  • I would never buy a design packages personally but I can see a market for that. The busy out of town professional male that just bought a small condo instead of going to the hotel two days a week may like this idea.

    The Orla Kiely packages look great. There are some places left to add your own decorative items. It is just that this concept does not target people like us.

  • I do like the patterns and colors. But it takes the FUN out of decorating. But great for people who want to play it safe.