ftf design studio

FTF Design Studio is the furniture line of Roseann Repetti and her husband, architect West Chin. This New York based couple has designed and decorated many celebrities’ homes. Reacting to the overall enthusiasm they received from their clients and peers, West and Roseann decided to launch a home line created for their private clients to the public. Their collection of (serving) trays is beautiful designed: the trays are minimalistic yet very elegant.

Roseann Repetti cultivated her sensibility for fabrics, textures and home via her extensive 17 year career in fashion. She has been a fashion editor & stylist for various magazine titles, including Elle, Italian Vogue & Marie. Roseann brings a very luxurious, modern understanding of design to FTF. West Chin’s philosophy is to combine comfort and versatility with a modern, clean and pragmatic approach. West is constantly in pursuit of merging style with functionality, a process that he was exposed to at a young age through his architect father. FTF is short for “First to Fly”, which is the translation in Chinese of West’s middle name, Yit Fee, which symbolizes the first born son in America.

On their website you can view their entire work. Their home products are available from Unica and NY Suite.

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