multifunctional itbox

I love the multifunctional aspect of the itbox. This practical transformable piece of furniture can be modified to suit the needs of any user or any room. It is available in a range of eleven different sizes and seven different colors that can be freely combined, to suit home or office, in any number of ways. The itbox is made out of finely polished aluminum that is color anodized. The surface color and finish of the itbox lend a high-quality feel to the base material. Both the material and the color are waterproof and thus are suitable for kitchen or bathroom uses as well.

It is a label from Switzerland that has designed and produced compact and flexible furniture for young and mobile urbanites since 1997. The label has been created by the two architects Valérie Jomini and Stanislas Zimmermann. Check out their website to see their other designs such as the itbed futon.

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