pack of dogs

The PACK OF DOGS was introduced at this year’s Salone Satellite in Milan. The different pieces, designed by NEL, are based roughly on the shape of a dog, and are available in different sizes and positions. The ‘characters’, are named after famous Mexican wrestlers (Dos caras Jr, Aguayo, Superastro, El Santo, Alushe and Mistico) and they follow you around your house or office, and may work as a side table, stool, bench, bookshelf, magazine rack, newspaper holder, bookends, etc. The pieces are made in different materials and techniques. Some pieces were made through traditional woodworking techniques, using scraps of solid wood like tzalam, ash, red oak, poplar, alder, walnut, and pine, which makes every piece unique, while other pieces are made from birch plywood using a CNC router, or even in ceramics.

The designers are a collective of designers, NEL, who join forces to explore, through concept and form, the interaction in design between traditional materials and techniques, and new processes or unusual applications. You might remember their project FILL IN THE CAT, which was showed at last year’s Salone Satellite. With the PACK OF DOGS they succeeded to come up with another original, succesfull project!

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