Bibliochaise with matching stool

Last year I wrote about the Bibliochaise, an armchair-library that can store up to five meters of your favorite books. I received a lot of response on this gorgeous chair so I thought you would like to know that a matching stool, the Bibliopouf, is now available.

The chair (& stool), designed by Italian company Nobody&co, can be customized to your own preferences as it is available in different types (and colours) of wood. Also the cushions come in a range of colors and fabrics. Check out the Nobody&co website for more information and stockists.

8 Responses to Bibliochaise with matching stool

  1. Wow, that is fabulous! Imagine how great it would look with the colour coordinated books from your banner?!

  2. You’re right Emma! That would look absolutely great!

  3. Do you have any idea about the price of this really cool object ? Nothing on their website…
    I love it !

  4. Ben, I have no idea of the price. It’s best to contact the design company about it. Their email address is:

  5. i love love love this! thanks for the link!

  6. What perfect accessories at my room!

  7. I made my own bibliochaise for my classroom…

    the kids love it and it helped with bookshelf space too!

  8. Barbara Mitchell

    Please let me know how I can purchase a Bibliochaise chair and Bibliopouf.
    Thank you very much.


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