For like ever poster

Another gorgeous print that I want to share with you! This For Like Ever poster was quickly sold out after appearing in articles about accessories designer Jessie Randall in Elle Accessories and Domino magazines. Luckily for us a new edition of the poster has been printed. This limited edition poster (25″x38″) is silkscreen printed on acid-free paper. It supersedes the original poster, which was a non-archival untrimmed press sheet. I love the bold pink and pink and fluorescent red inks colours. The poster is available from the Village website, the price is $30 to US and $50 to other countries. I already ordered one!

6 Responses to For like ever poster

  1. I love Decoupage

  2. I have it too, and the equally popular “Keep Calm Carry On” Poster.

  3. i have it hung in my dining room!

  4. ugh everyone has this thing

  5. It seems like this could be an easy DIY project if you dont want to buy it

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