Amelia from Bombus wrote me about their new shop on Etsy. Bombus is a UK-based furniture and accessories company by Amelia Coward and Lee Hunnisett De Beer. They are obsessed with hoarding vintage furniture and homeware. Combined with a unique contemporary decoupage technique, which uses fabric, vintage books and comics, they have created a unique collection of recycled products. I am not the only one that like their designs: one of their chairs was recently featured in The Times! Check out their website or Etsy store. Thanks Amelia for writing me!

2 Responses to Bombus

  1. Hi Danielle, I’ve heard of Bombus and I have to say I like their unique furniture. Especially the CHAIR! It gives a home a distinct style and offers colors unlike other bland pieces. Being a designer of home accessories myself, my designs are QUITE EDGY as well and definately for people who have a distinguished taste.

  2. Thanks for showing this, it looks fab! Actually, I was just thinking about decoupaging some big steel letters that I have (they are from a shop sign, and not in a good condition, with metallic patterned vinyl stickers on the front). I just don’t know what kind of glue to use… What sticks to both paper and metal?!

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