The Hive shelving unit

Trough Design Boner I learned about SUITE New York. This contemporary furniture and modern design showroom and store in midtown Manhattan showcases classic, iconic furnishings from top European and American manufacturers. They carry a gorgeous collection! My favourite is the Hive (image above), a shelving unit of bent aluminum covered in oak or American walnut (also available in black stained finishes).

SUITE New York cultivates young designers and offers the best of new talent today. Partners Kris Fuchs and Maria Isabel Sepulveda have assembled a gallery of renowned iconic, modern designs and contemporary works with similar impact. Their goal is that SUITE New York brings functional beauty into people’s living spaces. You can find their entire collection on their website.

3 Responses to The Hive shelving unit

  1. Hi Danielle-

    I really like these shelving units. What a coincidence I am actually looking for one for my home.

  2. Hi Julie, I think those shelving units will look great! I like them too, as they are different than the ordinary shelving systems I have seen.

  3. fascinating shelving, at first glance I thought very 60’s retro but also very contemporary.

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