Byblos Art hotel in Verona, Italy

I am going on holiday at the end of this week and I am already in the holiday mood. If you have not decided on a trip yet perhaps this hotel in Italy is a suggestion (bring your wallet though!). Or just look at the hotel’s amazing interior for inspiration!

The Byblos Art hotel is a gorgeous decorated hotel in Verona, Italy. Most of the colourful guest-room furniture, including the baroque headboards in crazy colors, is designed by Alessandro Mendini, whose work is housed in New York’s MOMA. Many of Mendini’s designs for the hotel are part of the retail collection Byblos Casa.

The fabulously restored fifteenth-century Venetian villa is situated in the heart of Valpolicella wine country. The owner, Dino Facchini from the Byblos fashion label, is a passionate contemporary art collector. Pieces from his collection are displayed throughout the hotel and are mixed with futuristic design furniture. Visit the hotel’s website for more information.

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