Familia by Normann Copenhagen

Design brand & store Normann Copenhagen introduces the Familia kitchen series designed by Ole Jensen. This series of pots, which is an addition to the Familia dinner service (images below), radiates a warm, appetising glow – on the stove and on the dining table.

Ole Jensen explains: “Nowadays, it is difficult to separate the kitchen from the dining room and vice versa. It was therefore only natural for me to design the Familia pots based on the Familia range. The pots are simple and unrefined, almost primitive in their design and have been created to radiate warmth, life and an appetising glow. When the ordinary appears in a new and liberating guise, everyday tasks are experienced as particularly meaningful. The Familia series is a set of kitchen utensils I would like to have on my own kitchen table.”

The Familia series can be used on gas, electric and induction cookers. Check out the Normann website for more information and retailers.

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