Kose vases

I love the simple lines of these vases from Kose. This company from Milan, Italy, brings classic lines and classic materials together into beautiful vases, handcrafted from clay. Gorgeous still lives can be created with these vases. In fact, the photo above reminds me of a Giorgio Morandi painting.

morandi paintings
Morandi (1890 – 1964) was an Italian painter who throughout his career concentrated almost exclusively on still lives and landscapes. With great sensitivity to tone, color, and compositional balance, he would depict the same familiar bottles and vases again and again in paintings notable for their simplicity of execution.

Elle Decoration UK has an photo spread in their April issue which is inspired by the still lives of Morandi. It is worth getting this issue as the images are gorgeous. I will try to scan them and will add them to this post later.

{Update: Below a scan of some images of the Elle Decoration UK photo spread}

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