Dutch Discover 2007 calendar by Sanna Annukka for Wallpaper

I love the work of Sanna Annukka and was happy to learn that this talented illustrator was commissioned to do the illustrations for the Dutch Discover 2007 calendar. Each year Wallpaper* magazine collaborates with the Dutch tourist board producing this travel supplement highlighting the must sees and dos around Holland.

Sanna is an illustrator and print-maker with a love for nature and folklore. Being half Finnish (and half English), Sanna is inspired by Finnish folklore and her fond memories of her summers in Finland. The assignment for Dutch Discover 2007 is Sanna’s first editorial work. If you would like to see the calender for yourself, it is in the Wallpaper* April issue 2007. It is worth getting this issue, the illustrations are gorgeous and the calendar is very helpful if you will be visiting The Netherlands this year.

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  • Graphic Design + Typography looks so beautiful together. Interesting map from the illustrator that brought us Keane’s album art.

  • Sanna’s work is inspired and inspiring, simple and striking. Great to see some more of her work.

  • aaaaaah thanks for the tip! This is so exciting!! I’m a big fan of Sanna’s work, I’m off to get Wallpaper now. Thanks again, danielle! 🙂

  • Yeee…
    Sanna is really cool.
    Have you seen her site and work!
    Ok I’m a Keane fan and their latest album brought me to her…
    Have you seen the way see made Holland 🙂

  • Another excellent project by Sanna Annukka. But I’m desperately trying to find it and I didn’t…I’ve searched the April issue of Wallpaper, and there was no reference to the calendar…

  • Hi Leonel,

    Did you seach for that calendar in The Netherlands? Unfortunately, the calendar is not in the Wallpaper magazines distributed in The Netherlands. Perhaps they only distribute the calendar in certain countries. You can contact Wallpaper for more information (I did).