Vintage find: Bitossi ceramic figures

ceramic figures
I found these vintage ceramic figures on ebay last night. As they make fun home accessories, I want to share them with you. I especially like that dog! The ceramics are from Bitossi (Italy), which is famous for it’s beautiful blue ceramic objects. I have some Bitossi vases, and the blue & turquoise colours are just gorgeous! The auction for the dog ends on 28th March at 12:38 CET (current bid is $10), bidding for the face ends on 28th March at 17:51 CET (current bid is $20), and the elephant’s auction ends at 2nd April (starting bid is $40). The seller of these items ships world-wide and has more Bitossi designs available.

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  1. STOP!! Don’t tempt me. I collect Bitossi too. No must resist. You are a wicked woman Danielle 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I found this great web site that sells these animals in Toronto.

  3. Hi there, These are very nice Bitossi pieces especially the sun..
    . I will have to follow them on Ebay as I love the Blue and green colours used by Bitossi. I have a pair of lamps by Bitossi lamps which I bought when I lived in Brussels. You can see them on flickr my member name is collectionsof, or do a search for Bitossi.
    Good luck with your Ebay auctions..
    Kind reegards

  4. Oh how silly of me, I now see that the blog for these Bitossi pieces is over two years old.. silly me…

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