My little balcony project

my balcony
Last week I told you about my balcony that I have been painting and I promised you a photo of the result. Well, here it is! The sun is shining here and spring is in the air so it is time for new flowers. After five months of waiting, my new (hanging) chair arrived and I was so happy with it. Unfortunately I could not enjoy it for too long (only two days) as it got stolen last night. It makes me sad and very angry that some people just can not take their hands of things that are not theirs. It is not just the fact that I was so happy with my chair (it is just a chair after all) but it is the knowledge that this is the kind of world we live in that makes me very sad. OK, that is off my chest. By the way, the white cuckoo birdhouse in the top left corner is from Matijs Korpershoek.

{Update: Good news, my chair is back! One of the neighbours came to ask me yesterday if I was missing a chair. Apparently the person that took my chair got caught and dumped the chair in a garden. Can you believe it? I am a happy girl! Thank you all for your very kind comments.}

The gorgeous pillow on the chair is from Etsy shop Absoluut. Shop owner Anne makes these pillows from vintage fabric. The designs are beautifully made and you can see that Anne puts a lot of love and care in her pillows. Click here to check out her Etsy shop. Above you can see some of the designs available.

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  • Your chair got stolen?! The nerve…

    The chair is picture perfect though. Seeing this balcony picture makes me want to start a little balcony project; it looks like a dump right now {compared to your gorgeous balcony}! Some fresh paint and flowers will work wonders.

    take care

  • oh Danielle! first i was going to tell you how amazing it looked and how jealous i was… but now i have to tell you how sorry i am to hear that your little slice of happiness was stolen. it’s big of you to recognize that it’s just a material object… but i agree, the sadness lies in the disappointment of another person stealing anything. ๐Ÿ™ so sorry!

  • Oh, I’m so sorry your beautiful hanging chair was stolen! The shot of your balcony is stunning–love the wood flooring–ours is concrete and a mess.

  • That’s such a lovely, cheery set-up you have on your balcony. I’m so sorry to hear that your fabulous chair was stolen after 2 days- it doesn’t look like it was cheap! I can’t even have hanging baskets or pot plants in my front garden as they wouldn’t remain there long so I (almost) know the feeling.

  • Hi Danielle, that’s really terrible. It looks like a real pleasure that chair, the thieve must have thought something similar.

  • Oh no! That is just horrible. I’m so sad to hear about your chair being stolen.

    But that photo is glorious!!!!

  • Thank you all for your kind comments!

    I just bought two beautiful little blossom trees to fill the space of the chair. The sun is shining, Spring is in the air. It’s still a beautiful day!!

  • Danielle, I am very sorry for what happend. That valconie looked just incredible. I also love that chair as a matter of fact I just posted it in my blog today. I hope this hadn’t happen to you. Why don’t you consider putting something that you can move inside the house at nights.

  • Danielle I feel horrible for you. I can’t believe that would happen, I am so, so, so very sorry.

    Now I’m sure you are even more ready to buy your house in the country. I just can’t believe this. I am in shock, and I know how much excited you were about this.

    I know it’s a material thing, but it’s also something that made you happy and that is why I’m so sad.


  • I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I understand completely about being stolen from. It is the worst feeling. Here’s hoping the theives are caught; it’s a real shame we don’t allow criminals to have their hands cut off as punishment. No one would steal then! I truly hope you get your chair back and that karma reaches those who took it.

  • Jeetje Daan! Ik had helemaal niet gelezen dat deze geweldige stoel gestolen is. De volgende stoel (als je die nog gaat aanschaffen, misschien een zithangmatje) een systeem maken dat je stoel makkelijk kan ophangen en daarna weer mee naar binnen kan nemen. Oooh dat maakt mij echt heeeel kwaad!! Rotzakken. Jij zal de jatters ook wel veel moois hebben toegewenst!! Ik hoop dathet allemaal uitkomt!

  • Oh no! What a terrible thing to happen. I’m awfully sorry for you. Isn’t it horrible to have to feel that everything’s got to be chained down?

  • your balcony project looked fabulous!!
    sorry to hear what happened – Iยดm sure your new one will look even better ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bad, bad karma… What a shame!
    The chair/pillow looked glorious in all it’s beauty… but I am sure your blossom trees look just heavenly (the perfect symbol of rebirth, rejuvenation, the cycle of life goes on…)
    There is solace in finding the beauty and peace of the season… good for you!

  • hi danielle…love your hanging chair and would like to get one for my nursery instead of a rocking chair…could you share where you purchased it…

  • Hi Karen, I bought the chair from Dutch magazine VT Wonen ( I had to wait 5 months for it and now it is sold out. I don’t think they will have it in their collection again. You could try to find a vintage hanging chair on Ebay. Good luck!

  • Love the cushions! Spotted simular seventies prints in a dutch online design shop SOOO ( They come in different sizes and are really cool.