Klaus Haapaniemi for Iittala

Finnish brand Iittala has a long tradition of introducing new and bold design solutions. Iittala has recently launched the highly individual Taika series decorated by Klaus Haapaniemi. This renowned designer/illustrator from Finland has a very distinctive style of decoration, and combining this style with the basic values of the Iittala range produces an exciting mix.

The strong decorative style of the Taika series may surprise those who are used to seeing Iittala representing traditional Nordic functionality and simple design forms. To counterbalance the exuberance of the decoration, the design adopted for the pieces in the Taika series is that of Heikki Orvola’s Aika with its classic, clean lines, which was launched last autumn. Aika was originally designed with the intention that its look could be easily transformed with different styles of decoration. Click here to see the beautiful Aika line decorated by Klaus Haapaniemi.

Klaus Haapaniemi is a talented illustrator. His CV of design work is impressive: garment prints for Diesel, Levis, Marimekko, Dolce & Gabbana, Cacharel and Bela’s Dead, a new brand. I will feature more of his gorgeous work later this week. Above you can already see some of the work he did for Cacharel.

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