Aboriginal art

Ever since my first visit to Australia several years ago, I have been fascinated by Aboriginal art. In order to know more about this interesting form of art, I have visited several exhibitions and read many books about the subject. In the course of years I have collected some beautiful paintings by great aboriginal artists. As I have no room to hang all my paintings, I change them every now and then. And sometime I sell some, just to make room for others. At the moment I have 4 smaller paintings, grouped in a square, hanging in my living room (see image above).

In the the Jan/Feb issue of Australian Vogue Living magazine, the home of Linda Gregoriou was featured. Linda’s stunning apartment in Sydney is full of aboriginal art. This lady has the most beautiful collection! The Vogue Living photos of her apartment have already been featured on decor8 and Desire to Inspire. As both the paintings and the apartment are gorgeous, I would like to share them with you as well in case you have not seen them yet. By the way, the ceiling light Zettel’z (image above) is designed by Ingo Maurer and is a favorite of mine.

The large pink painting above the fireplace is from the hand of the famous Emily Kngwarreye. The white sofa Charles is from B&B Italia .

Every aboriginal region in Australian has a different style of painting. Some regions are known for their bold colours. Artists from other regions use ochre colors for their paintings, like the art works in the image above.

(images have been removed at the request of the photographer)

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  • I like your living room, it has a very relaxing atmosphere and the way you have arranged the paintings is perfect!
    Have a nice weekend.

  • Isn’t her collection stellar. I have some photos of her previous homes. So different but still that amazing collection of art. your own paintings look great too. Lucky you.

  • Just out of interest; I wonder why we embrace indigenous art but our Western art is not embraced by The Indigenous?
    Is it the ancientness of it? The tribal facsination?
    The uniqueness? What is it?
    What is your fascination with Aboriginal art? How does it make you feel. How much influence does it have on your creations; if any?
    Just a curious artist. Thanks for your article. The Baldchemist

  • I appreciate your collection about aboriginal art.
    And I also like your room how beautifully you decorate it with this art.
    My words about the aboriginal art are:
    This art has a some special things in itself.
    If someone sees it and he/she become restless to know about its brilliant history. As same thing happen with you.
    All the paintings are demonstrating the experimental representations of their heritage. And that art also illuminates the human civilization.

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!