Erdem Akan from Istanbul

Berra from Istanbul, Turkey, introduced me to some great Turkish designers. Did you know that Istanbul is the only city in the world that has been built on two continents, Europe and Asia? I can see that a lot of Turkish designers are inspired by this “east meets west” atmosphere. One of my favorite designers that Berra introduced me to is Erdem Akan. Like his home city, Istanbul, where thoroughly modern ideas and traditional practices co-exist, Erdem’s design philosophy is based on the tensions between opposites: fabricated versus hand-made; natural versus artificial, romantic versus hard-core, new versus old, – and especially between cultures, eastern versus western. For him good design should balance or amplify this tension. I think Erdem’s designs are wonderful and very original. I just love the zero bean bag with tray (top row, left image) and the good morning service tray with space for a newspaper.

Some more of Erdem’s designs: thonet bench (top row, left image), eastmeetswest tea glass (top row, right image) and the three amigos side table which is reincarnated from porcelain pizza plates (second row). Visit Erdem’s website to see more of his gorgeous designs!

Istanbul is high on my list of places to visit. I have heard that it is a wonderful city, very vivid and cosmopolite with a great energy. If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, try to include the Istanbul Design Week which will be organized between 14 – 24 June this year. Thanks Berra for the wonderful information that you sent me!

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  • thanks for giving a place to turkish designer erdem akan on your lovely weblog..! hope to see you in istanbul!

  • I like the thonet bench too. It is modern with a classic twist. The thonet chair is a classic, but I have seen them a bit too much. The thonet bench is a welcome change!

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