Kathleen Hills

I love the work of UK designer Kathleen Hills. Kathleen’s ceramic designs were featured at a Dutch exhibition called ‘Extremely White’, where I first saw Kathleen’s work. I have used a photo of this exhibition for one of the style files logo banners (if you click on a single post, you can see this photo at the top). Kathleen’s designs have also been featured in many magazines.

All Kathleen’s products are wonderful but the cluster lights are my favorite. These strings of lights are designed to hang as clusters. The largest cluster available has 16 shades on a string but smaller clusters and single pendants are available as well. The pendants are also available in shiny black glaze. Another favorite is the star light, which I personally like best as a single pendant but these lights can be made made up as clusters as well. Visit Kathleen’s website for more more information and to see her entire collection. Click here for stockists information.

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  • I was just looking at those cluster lights over the weekend, they come in a 4 pack I think, right? I had no idea who designed them, so thank you for writing this. I want to bookmark your post so I can potentially buy these. Thank you Danielle!!

  • Hi Holly! The lights come in clusters of 4, 8, 12 or 16. Which ones do you like: the star lights or the round ones?