I have been intrigued by this wallpaper ever since I saw this image on Designers Library. I like the wallpaper, although I am not sure if I would cover my walls with it (perhaps one). The source of the wallpaper is unknown but I quess it is (mid modern century) vintage. The room is part of the Los Angelos home of professional skateboarder Reese Forbes and is decorated by interior designer Jay Jeffers. Jeffers designed the interiors to be a chic mix of vintage and modern. Click here to see more images of this gorgeous house.
On his website you can find more photos of interiors designed by Jay Jeffers. Some of his interiors a a bit classical for my taste but I like this bedroom that he created for a client in San Francisco. Click here to see Jay’s portfolio.

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  • I want to be a daring woman. I want to use wall paper! But somehow, I am worried that it will look too busy. I love paintings and art and am worried about how to integrate paintings into heavily patterned wallpaper interiors.

  • Maryam, you can start by covering just one wall with wallpaper and keep the other walls in a neutral shade (of paint).

    You can then use the other (neutral) walls for you art. Also, you can take you art as a starting point for choosing the wallpaper. If you try to find wallpaper that has the same color as (one of the colors in) your painting, this will create consistency and calmness.

    Good luck!