Keep your laptop warm

Keep your laptop and ipod safe and warm with these ‘wooly jumpers’ created by Amsterdam based duo But. The earthy colors of the jumpers, which are hand-made from 100% Merino wool, contrast nicely with the plastics and metals of the modern devices. The thickness of the wool ensures protection for your equipment when travelling (and also provides a snug home for you device…)
woolen laptop cases
The idea for the jumpers came when But founders Jennifer Skupin and Ellen Utrecht saw that the laptop and ipod baggage available on the market were all made from hi-tech fabrics and materials. Jennifer and Ellen: “We wanted to make something that had a more homely craft feel, to contrast with the high technology of the computers”. Visit their website to see all colors and sizes available.

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  • I love these, especially the name. I didn’t realize Brits called sweaters “jumpers” until I saw a British movie 10 years ago and finally figured it out. So funny. These are cute, too. They look cozy. 🙂